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On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Ram Chandran wrote:

> Please note that Advaita List is a spiritual forum with the sole purpose
> of removing "Avidya" to gain Vidya.  Prejudice only seeds Avidya.  TRUTH
> is not what we hear, see, touch, taste, smell or think.  Truth is the
> resultant of negation of LIES and Prejudice is the Biggest Lie.  We have
> two options: The first is to make our judgement based on incomplete
> information and the second is to gather all facts and make the
> judgement.  The first approach is the cause for prejudice.  The second
> approach is "Brahmaiva Satyam."  Let me quote from a beautiful saying in
> Tamil.  "Kannal Kandathum Poi, Kathal Kettathum Poi and Theera
> Visarippathu Mei."  It means that all that we see and hear are only
> lies.  Truth can be revealed only after series of enquiries.   In our
> daily life such practice of Truth seeking can enhance our life and can
> help us to become better persons. The reason that we are in this forum
> is just to seek the TRUTH and remove prejudice from our mind.

That's all well and good but what happens after you know the truth?  The
progression from false notions to truth in not always steady, there might
be blind corners and false starts, but in the end it should be possible to
conclusively say if something is true or false.  (At least that's what I
following the Vedic tradition think.  You seem to be a lot more
pessimistic about our ability to know.)   Assuming you have made the
investigation and you are confident you know the truth, how should you act
towards that which you know to be wrong?

Other members of the list are also invited to answer this question.

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