The Vedas

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Mon Jan 12 13:56:00 CST 1998

>Assuming you have made the investigation and you are confident you >know
the truth, how should you act towards that which you know to be >wrong?

I've a few questions on this too. Where exactly does truth begin and end?
Recently I'd a serious argument with an American who thinks the Aryan
invasion theory in India is true. I brought out all the traditional
arguments and when I'd finally cornered him, he'd the audacity to say that
all this doesn't really matter as all this is in the realm of Maya and what
really matters is realizing Brahman!

I don't really agree with this, for if we don't observe truth at all levels,
however basic, how can we ever hope to reach the supreme truth? For the sake
of preserving amity and the equality and secularism etc can the Truth be
ignored? This is one of the minor, but important points which has troubled
me always. Sometime back I'd asked the knowledgeable to respond to the
validity of a scripture like Manusmriti being treated as a valid source of
knowledge, but that message didn't elicit any response.

Shouldn't we clear this up?

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