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On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Chelluri wrote:

>                                           Brahmaiva Satyam
> Somebody told me to read the life histories of mahatmas. Sri Krishna in Gita
> says somewhere,  that people follow what their heros did.  He advises Arjuna
> to fight not to run away.   My friend sada gave a good response to my request
> but one thing I ldid not like.  He said never mind what Ramdas did or
> Raghavendra Swami did follow what your self. I did not reach the state to
> follow self.   Then why read aboust the biographies of saints and sadhus.  I
> disagree with him on this point.

You are absolutely right.  We should look to the great ones of the past to
guide us in every aspect of our lives.

> Gautama Buddha, Shankaracharya are my gurus.  Siddartha beat everybody.
> He has money, beautiful young wife, he could have anything he want in this
> world. He gave all that up to find truth.  No other person did that in
> histrory as we know except Nachiketa.

Well a few more than that did.

>  Real renounciation I believe is giving
> up everthing when you have it materially and live a hermit life with no
> desires except to know the truth.  We can not do that not even sada my friend.
> We worry about the paycheck and to get that pay check we have to go to work.
> If you conectrate on meditation how  work going to be done.  People say do the
> work as puja to god.  Puja to god is different from devotion and
> concentration. There is no way one have attachments and live with false notion
> I am detached.
> If this offends some body please do not.  Enjoy your notions.

How could such truthful observations offend anyone?

> My friend I think do the karma pujas, homas that will lead you to next step.
> If you do not know how to do pujas do it anyway that you are familiar.

Bhagavan says in the Gita that he will accept all offerings be they ever
so humble if made with faith and devotion.  But obviously the more you can
follow His shastras, the more pleased He will be.

>The  supre shakti says whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly she
> will give
> full benefit i.e. Knowledge.
> I have that belief and I am living with that promice.


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