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On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Chelluri wrote:

>                                       Brahmaiva Satyam
> My friend Sada  says " You mentioned about some Swamis come here only for
> money.  Remember Nagy many of them are involved in selfless work which you and
> I can not do"
> I disagree!
> We can not do.  We have responsibilities.  Work and Family.
> If it is selfless why the medical collge has to be named after them.
> It is not selfless they are after the FAME and money. So did Bhagwan Rajneesh!
> I am not against Swamis or Swaminis.  I can give only $1 but if you give $1000
> you get special treatment.  You are in the front row.  When I say "YOU" not
> you many people who have lots of money.  They can have the "Darshan" early
> and go do whatever their interest is whether it is the frendly bar or some
> other thing.   We ordinary people like me eventhough we have to attend to
> important duties we have to wait for darshan.
> My friends this world is " Dhanam moolam idam Jagat".    That is Sri
> Shankaracharyas words.     If you have the money you make it in this world and
> talk about advaita or dwaita.
> Whether you have the money or not you can not run away from the
> responsibilities.
> Do not worry about me I  have the money to be in front row.   I dont want to
> be because of money.  I want it beacuse you, swamis and me are the same.
> If I am wrong please feel free to say it.
>                                                                       Nagy

There is a tendancy amongst the modern sects in particular to treat
sannyasis like they were supposed to be social workers.  (They're just
copying the Christian nuns and missionaries I suspect.)  But then there
are many of all stripes who do live simple lives and do not play favorites
so you shouldn't condemn the whole bunch.

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