Bhagavad kr^pa (grace of God)

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On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> 3. The most important role and usefulness for the concept of Ishwara is
>    in the annihilation of the ego of the jeeva [I am the doer and enjoyer
>    concept]. Again, mAya is responsible for the jeeva to think that he/she
>    is the doer. For the destruction of this concept, the concept of
>    Ishwara (whose grace is responsible for the welfare of the jeeva) is
>    required. Saguna Brahman, as the wielder of the mAya, is capable of
>    providing kr^pa (grace). On way to recognizing non-duality and the
>    sameness of Atman and Brahman, the jeeva has to have his/her ego
>    smashed and the concept of saguna Brahman (Ishwara) does that.

Shankaracharya also notes that it Ishwar who impartially provides rewards
and punishments according to the individual jivas karma.

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