Women and vedaas

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Well with this as the criterion, "what did they do in the past?", you can't
say "The *Vedas* say that women and non-Indians cannot study the Vedas."
This criterion also allows you to include in tradition what scoundrels and
greedy politicians have done in the past.

>As we have seen, my opponents are unable to come up with
>much evidence to show the giants of
>the past did anything any differently than what I'm saying.

Please don't count me as among your opponents.  I think you are bravely
stating a viewpoint that you firmly believe, an unpopular viewpoint, and
doing a very good job of it.  (I happen not to agree with it...)  Not only
is this kind of viewpoint unpopular, but as the world goes towards the 21st
century and eventually out of the Kali Yuga, this kind of viewpoint will
become more and more a minority one, as all cultures become less pure and
more mixed up with each other.  So I actually celebrate your participation
in this list!!


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Enclosed Copy of the Article is a scholarly work on the history of Hindu
Caste System.  This is an useful article for the children of Indian
Origin to understand and appreciate the rationale for the Caste System
during Vedic Period.  This article also discusses the reasons for the
degeneration of the original system.  It is important that we and
especially our children understand and communicate to the world
community and clear their misconceptions about the Hindu Caste System.

In the world community also there is a caste system with a different
classification, Academic, Managerial, White Collar, Blue Collar and
unskilled (or minimum wage).  This division is necessary and never
objected! Unskilled worker can get education and can become Academic
professionals!  Ravi Batra compares the Indian Caste System and the
Western parallel in his excellent books:
 1.Regular economic cycles / Ravi Batra. New York : St. Martin's Press,
[1989], c1985.
 2.The great depression of 1990 / by Ravi Batra., New York : Simon &
Schuster, c1987.

With my regards,
Ram Chandran
Burke, VA.

 Permission from the Author for posting in Advaita List

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