Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Tue Jan 20 20:27:11 CST 1998

                                           Brahmaiva Satyam

We all accept Swami Dayananda as a Scholar and Jnaani (I have my own doubts
about his EGO) let's wait for his return to the United States (That's where
the money is, all the Swamis come to enlighten citizens of USA instead of some
poor African country) and give his response with a source and backup for his
response like Jaladhar said.  I am very curious what his response is.  In the
meantime I will ask the question to Acharyas of Kachi Kamakotipeetam and
Sringeri Sharada Peetham.  I believe in them.

After all these discussions I am leaning towards the fact we dont know at this

I am going to India in March to perform a Yagam and I will ask the pundits the
same question and I will report back on their answer.

I am sorry If I offended anybody on my opinion about swamis, it's just TRUE
thats what I believe.   Ramana Maharishi or Satya Saibaba dont have to cross
the oceans to uplift.  We go to them to learn.


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