maniiShaapa.Nchakam.h, Part 2

Wed Jan 21 23:37:09 CST 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I sent this earlier in
the day but did not see it in my mail.  Maybe it didn't
get through to the list:

  This is maniiShaapa.Nchakam.h, Part 2:

  kiM ga~Ngaambuni bimbite.ambaramaNau
  puure vaantaramasti kaa.NchanaghaTiimR^itkumbhayor-
vaambare |

  "Is there a great difference between the sun
reflected in the water of the Ganges and (that)
in the stream of water flowing in the slum area?
or (is there a difference between) the space in
the golden pot and that in the earther pot?"

(. . . to be continued . . .)

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This post may not be relavent directly to advaita or to the current topics

A friend of mine is seeking information about the chronology of the Indian
thought developement of the Astronomy including the mapping of the stars
and establishment of time scales etc.  Any authentic references related to
these are welcome.  Particularly when and in what form the Indian thought
development of the astronomy occurred and in what form it was documented -
either in Vedas or Vedangaas and/.or subsequent tests with possible dates
and references.

Any help in this? Thanks - please reply to my e-mail address.

Hari Om!

K. Sadananda
Code 6323
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington D.C. 20375
Voice (202)767-2117

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