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Nagi :

AFAIK, Atman, Self and the Soul all refer to the same thing. Now you're
scaring me by bringing up this question. Anyway there're only three
entities towards which we should focus our attention : 1. The phenomenol
world, 2. The Self and 3. Brahman.

We know what the phenomenol world is - the world around us. The Self is
something inside us which is the hidden seer and is the true 'I'. The
Brahman is the Universal spirit. The Vedanta masters differ in their
views on the three's relationship with each other and their nature.
Shankara states that 1 is maya or unreal and 2 and 3 are alike. Ramanuja
states the 1 and 2 are but part of 3. Madhva states 1 and 2 are seperate
entities altogether from 3. The latter two don't subscribe to the theory
of Maya but I think all three agree that 3 is the Creator.

I'm not sure about Nimbarka. Can somebody explain the BhedaBheda
doctrine and also some history about Nimbarka and Vallabha.

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> ......  Are we playing with words! .........

Greetings Nagi:

We are not playing with words but indeed are playing with our life.  We
not only want to play but we play to win and that is the problem! If and
when we live our life without any anticipation of winning and losing, we
can reach the STATE of stateless mind. At that state, there will be
neither worries, jobs, downsizing, words, tapes, records, arguements,
dreams, claims, India, USA, followers and Swamis including Swaminis.

There is a famous proverb in Tamil: "Ikkaraikku Akkarai Pachchai," which
means that everything looks green from a distance! We always tend to
judge others from a distance and envy about their wealth and prosperity.
We are too eager to assume that we are miserable and everyone is better
off than us!

A story is appropriate to clarify our understanding.  A mother whose
only child died suddenly and she took the child to Lord Buddha and asked
him to revive the child.  Lord Buddha with great compassion told the
mother that he would do so provided she can get a glass of water from a
house which did not experience any death.  The mother obeyed Buddha and
visited every house in the town to get the water. Every family in the
town told a sorrowful story to the mother and the mothe heard enough
about myth of life and death.  However, her search for a family with no
death helped to her understand the game of life and death.  She
understood the rules and results of the game of life and was able to
reconcile the death of her child.

In conclusion, misfortune is a MYTH and we are always too quick to ask -
Why me? If we take time to contemplate and experience our life without
preconceived notions, we can enjoy our life without worries and fear!
Vyasa, Shankaracharya, Ramana, Christ, Buddha and others want us to
reach that STATE first. If and when we reach that state, it is very easy
to remain in that STATE and our thoughts about other states will
disappear. This is the TRUTH whether you agree or diagree!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Ram Chandran
9374 Peter Roy Ct.
Burke, VA 22015

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