Freedom of Choice - or - Freedom *from* Choice?

Frank Maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Tue Mar 3 16:51:32 CST 1998

The Universal Script unfolds inexorably, authored by the Ordainer,
The acts performed by the myraid jivas conform utterly to--are literally
created *by*--this Script.  As such, there is no karma made or created
any individual jiva.  The jiva cannot be the free-choice doer.  This is
repugnant and even frightening for most who contemplate it.  Yet it is
the only logical conclusion derived at the culmination of philosophical
investigation.  And, incredibly, it is the only means whereby the jiva
can get effectively liberated from the bondage associated with its own
egoic limit, whose existence itself is founded on the notion of
separative doership.

Therefore one must effortlessly realize ahambrahmasmi, shatter the myth
of the chit-jada-granthi, and finally rest assured that Isvara is one's
eternally faithful servant.

Thus, each jiva equates to being all jivas, the world, and God.  Which,
in turn, are only brahman.

Can you say, 'ahambrahmasmi'?
In fact, it's the only thing you *can* say!

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