Bouddha Encounter

Miguel Angel Carrasco nisargadata at MX3.REDESTB.ES
Thu Mar 5 07:08:50 CST 1998

Nanda Chandran:  ^ÓIf the end is really nothingness how can it be
intelligible? It cannot be experential because there's no experiencer!^Ô

I think you^Òve got it at last.

That^Òs why I think the essence of Advaita is this one sentence: *Whatever
is seen cannot be the seer.*

It's from here that the other basic points follow :

1) that  there must be a seer that sees the seen.
2) that  the seer is not in the seen, but the other way round.
3) that  therefore the seer is the only being.
4) that  any seeing (including mine and yours) is part of that one seeing
by the seer.
5) that, as the seen is transient, also the seeing is temporary.
6) that  therefore the seer is not even ^Óa seer^Ô: it just is.

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