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     gauriinirantaravibhuushhitavaamabhaagaM |
 vaaraaNasiipurapatiM bhaja vishvanaathaM  ||

gaN^gaataraN^ga - the wave(s) of the river Gangaa
ramaNiiya- beautiful
jaTaakalaapaM - collection of matted locks
gaurii - Paarvatii, the Spouse of Shiva
nirantara - always
vibhuushhita - adorned
vaamabhaagaM - the left side
naaraayaNapriyaM - loved by naaraayaNa (ViShNu)
anaN^ga - Kaama, the God of Love (Cupid)
madaapahaaraM - destroyer of pride
vaaraaNasiipura - the city of VaaraaNasii (Kaashii)
patiM - the Lord
bhaja - worship
vishvanaathaM - Shiva, the Lord of the universe

Worship Lord Vishvanaatha (the Lord of the universe), whose matted
locks of hair appear very beautiful due to (being in contact with)
the waves of Gangaa, whose left side is always adorned by (is the
residence of) Gaurii, who is loved by naaraayaNa, who broke the
pride of Kaamadeva, the God of Love, and who is the lord of the
holy city of VaaraaNasii.

Today is one of those days when the pradoshha pujaa of Lord Shiva
becomes especially significant. When the pradoshha occurs on a
Monday (called a Soma-pradoshha), a Tuesday (called a
Bhauma-pradoshha), or a Saturday (called a Shani-pradoshha), the
pujaa offered to Shiva during the evening twilight bears such

Shri Chandrasekhara Bharati, a former Swaamii of the Sringeri Math,
is said to have performed the Maanasa-puujaa (mental puujaa) of Shiva
on every pradoshha. Although we may not have the mental strength and
concentration as His Holiness did, we can certainly please Shiva by
our prayers. Those who are initiated into Vedic study chant the
Shrii Rudra Prashna and the Chamaka Prashna of the Yajur Veda, and
other such hymns.
The uninitiated may offer prayers by reciting hymns such as the
Shiva-mahimna stotra, Shiva kavacha, MR^ityuJNjaya stotra, etc.


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