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On Tue, 24 Feb 1998 Chelluri at AOL.COM wrote:

> Until we realize THAT, the two states are in existence.   I disagree with Guru
> Govinda Bhagwatpada on three states.  I believe there are only two states,
> Deep Sleep and Waking.   The waking state initself is a dream and looks so
> real.   Deep sleep could be the Reality or door step to reality as it is
> beyond mind to understand.  No body can say what the deep sleep state like.
> We say that it is very good.  What is good about it, we dont know.

I think you are misinterpretating what Gaudapadacharya is talking about.
(You mention in another postthat it is He you are talking about not
Govindacharya.)  Because Gaudapadacharya is talking from the viewpoint of
jnana there are two states, moksha and irrelevant.  Because for the jnani
the world of maya is irrelevant, there is no point in subdividing it
further hence waking and dream can be considered the same.  For us on the
other hand, we can make useful distinctions.  The shastras enumerate dream
and waking as seperate states for a good reason.  Whereas they both share
the trait of false consciousness, a dream is entirely in your head whereas
the waking experience of the world is shared by all.  The same message of
mine you are reading is being read by completely distinct people all over
the world thus it cannot be considered just a figment of your imagination.
The world of dreams is created and destroyed by you while the real world
is created and destroyed by Ishwar and doesn't depend on your existence in
the slightest.

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