naaraayaNa gaayatrii

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>  I think we are dealing with different traditions here. I belong to
>  the Shaakala shaakhaa of the R^ig Veda, and the Ashvalaayana suutra.
>  My nitya karma book, which includes the daily puuja, does not
>  necessarily include the nArAyaNa suukta (after which the nArAyaNa
>  gAyatrii is usually chanted). R^ig Vedins typically chant the
>  Purushha suukta (the R^ig Vedic version, which does not involve
>  the uttara nArAyaNa portion chanted by the Yajur Vedins). This
>  Purushha suukta is followed by the VishNu suukta (again R^ig Vedic
>  version). Typically, we skip the nArAyaNa suukta which belongs to the
>  Krishna Yajur Veda.
>  I suspect the Shukla Yajur Vedins too skip the nArayaNa suukta.
>  Probably, that is why Jaldhar did not find it in his
>  book.
>  But I am sure the Krishna Yajur Vedins chant the nArAyaNa suukta
>  followed by the nArAyaNa (or VishhNu) gAyatrii during their puujaa.
>  The nArAyaNa suukta occurs in the MahaanArAyaNa upanishhad of the
>  Krishna Yajur Veda.

If it is a matter of Vedic shakhas than it is off limits the casual gift
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