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>                                    Om Namah Chamundeswari
> Namaste:
> Mahur is one of the ashtadasa peetalu 18 devi temples in india.  Some time
> back I posted this message and Sri Vidya responded saying it is near
> Ahamadbad.  Later heard from others in India that it is near Pune Maharastra,
> Adilabad, A.P., Warrangal A.P.  If any shakti diciples on this list know where
> it is located please post it.  I have completed visiting and performing Chandi
> Homams at 12 shakti peetams, and I am planning to perform the 13th at Mahur.
> Thanks.

I'm pretty sure it is not near Ahmedabad if it is the city of that name in
Gujarat you are referring to.  Although many Gujaratis are Shaktas, the
major mandir of Mataji in Gujarat, Ambaji, is actually just accross the
border in Rajasthan.  The only other mandir I can think off that could
claim to be a pitha is Bahucharaji but this is not near Ahmedabad.  Lastly
there is a place called Bhuvaneshwari pitha in Gondal which is a nice
place (I wear a medallion of Bhuvaneshwari Mata on my mala) but
unfortunately does not have a legitimate claim to being a pitha.

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