Life and Soul \ Brahman (con't)

Wed Mar 11 10:21:01 CST 1998

namaskaaraM Ravi,
  For the third "shaantiH" in OM shaantiH
shaantiH shaantiH - The goal that we all
pray for is to be one with Brahman, for it
means liberation from the bonds of saMsaara,
for it means eternal peace and bliss/fullness.
"Meditation" is the means for taking all the
knowledge we have learned from our guru/swaami
and reach the spiritual plane we all seek.
It is best to have the guidance of your guru
in meditation, especially if you are just a
beginner in this phase. I think that most of
the members on this List have had experience
with meditating. An overall view of this can
be seen in this example I found in one of my
books on Gaayatrii:
  Meditating silently/repeatedly on a mantra with
the mind fixed on its meaning will eventually lead
the mind to one thought, rather than many words
and syllables strung together. Then you will go
beyond the realm of the mind (the spiritual plane)
and then realize the true nature of yourself as
being one with Brahman/Atman.

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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