Meditation on "Bliss of Brahman", Pt. 4

Mon Mar 16 11:51:14 CST 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  This is Part 4 of "Meditation on
'Bliss of Brahman'":

 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM duHkhaM
saaMsaarikaM na viikShe.adya |
 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM
svasyaaj~naanaM palaayitaM kvaapi ||

 Blessed am I, blessed, for I am
free from the sufferings of the world.
Blessed am I, blessed, for my ignorance
has fled away, I know not where. (60/293)

 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM kartavyaM me
no vidyate ki~nchit.h |
 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM praaptavyaM
sarvamadya saMpannam.h ||

 Blessed am I, blessed, for I have no
further duty to perform. Blessed am I,
blessed, for I have now achieved the
highest that one can aspire to. (61/294)

 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM tR^ipterme
kopamaa bhavelloke |
 dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo.ahaM dhanyo dhanyaH
punaH punardhanyaH ||

 Blessed am I, blessed, for there is nothing
to compare with my great bliss! Blessed am I,
blessed, blessed, blessed, again and again
blessed! (62/295) (There is no earthly joy
which can be compared to the supreme bliss
of Brahman. His joy is perfect, complete,
infinite and absolute. These verses show
wonderful feeling of joy the knower has on
realization. It is said of Buddha that he
continuously walked for seven consecutive
days round the Bodhi tree because of intense
joy after realization.)

 aho puNyamaho puNyaM phalitaM phalitaM
dR^iDham.h |
 asya puNyasya saMpatteraho vayamaho
vayam.h ||

 O my merits, my merits, how enduringly
they have borne fruit! Wonderful are we,
the possessors of this great merit,
wonderful! (63/296)

 aho shaastramaho shaastramaho gururaho
guruH |
 aho j~naanamaho j~naanamaho sukhamaho
sukham.h ||

 O how grand and true are the Scriptures,
the Scriptures, O how grand and great is
my teacher, my teacher! O how grand is this
illumination, this illumination, O how grand
is this bliss, this bliss! (64/297)
(Rare indeed is the teacher who can communicate
this grand sense of wonder. kaTha-upaniShad

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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