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Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 16 15:50:35 CST 1998

 Jonathan Bricklin wrote:
>Thank you for your ever as always thoughtful and penetrating
>You end, though, with a question that seems too easy to answer:
>"If the Shruti were to
> declare only that "Brahman is all there is", what is there to
> negate with "neti neti"?"
>The quick answer, which probably means I don't understand the question,
>would be:
>Anything and everything that claims its absolute status.

 My question was intended to be more rhetorical than anything else!
 But your answer does point out one thing. It presupposes the
 (at least apparent) existence of "anything and everything that
 claims its absolute status." Unless we admit such an (albeit
 apparent) existence there is no use of the "neti neti" principle.
 In broad terms, this apparent existence is of Ishvara (God),
 jiiva (individual soul), and jagat (the world), the so-called tripod.
 This tripod is what is negated to arrive at Brahman.
 This is what I was trying to convey.


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