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Anand wrote :
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Subject: Re: neti neti

 My question was intended to be more rhetorical than anything
 But your answer does point out one thing. It presupposes the
 (at least apparent) existence of "anything and everything that
 claims its absolute status." Unless we admit such an (albeit
 apparent) existence there is no use of the "neti neti"
 In broad terms, this apparent existence is of Ishvara (God),
 jiiva (individual soul), and jagat (the world), the so-called
 This tripod is what is negated to arrive at Brahman.
 This is what I was trying to convey.



I dont think one can negate Ishwara at any state. When one is in the
clutches of mAyA, Ishwara is the sole support, solace and refuge. In a
non-dual state, to talk about negating something is not meaningful.
Ishwara is the saguNa brahman, ever willing to help and grant
liberation. In bhagavad gIta, kR^iShNa clearly states that he will give
liberation (in the 18th chapter). Ishwara is never under the clutches of
mAyA and negating him while in the clutches of mAyA is self destructive.

If one can say mAyA is the door to this dualistic world, then Ishwara is
the door, way and the means to liberation.

with regards,

mInalochani pAshamochani

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