First Evil

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Thu Mar 19 12:33:05 CST 1998

Regarding the discussion on freewill and Swami Vishvarupananda's example
fo a mass murderer absolving all responsiblity I would like to present
some thoughts of mine :

In the Thirukural it says :

1. When somebody does him harm, do him good.

2. If one does harm to another, harm will come to him automatically.

Both these views are supported by Buddha too.

Suppose somebody hurts me then I've to take it that such harm is the
result of my prarabdha karma and either ignore it or following the above
advise, try to win the culprit with love (point 1). But since he's
commited the offence he cannot escape his karma. Even if I don't exact
my revenge on him, somebody else for a different reason will (point 2)
or some other malady will befall him. Thus the chain will ever continue.

But then the question props up : why should anybody hurt anybody at all?
Then  what was the cause of the first evil ever committed? If the first
cause was God, who is pure intelligence, how did evil ever sprout?

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