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                                     Namo Naga Nandinit
                                         Parvati Devi

I read the Jivita charitras (Biography's) of maharishis in telugu language
except that of maharishi's Vashista, Mitravaruna and Kaundinya.  If any
of you knnow where I get the biography's of maharishi's please post.

For those interested in Ramana Maharishi I have a large poster of Sri Ramana
which I think is published by House of Khoday's as a tribute birth centanary.
I think I got from New Jersey from some unknown devotee of maharishi. Try
House of Khodays.


Note:  One can learn a lot from reading the biograpghy's.
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sarvebhyo namaH,
  The complete title of what I am about to
present to you for personal meditation is:


translated as:

"The Celebrated Work,

   A Continuous Garland Of

       Sacred Knowledge"

  This is taken from the Lord dakShiNaamuurti
Temple Prayer Booklet" of Arsha VidyA Gurukulam.
The English translation from the Booklet will be
followed closely, however, due to my natural
tendencies to freely interpret Sanskrit words,
there might be a few differences (Swami
Tadatmaananda is aware of these tendencies
and I welcome his advice on any changes, as
he already knows).
  Here are shloka(s) 1 and 2:

brahmaj~naanaM yato bhavet.h |
sarveShaaM mokShasiddhaye || 1 ||

  "This continuous garland of sacred
knowledge upon Brahman is for the accomplish-
ment of mokSha, because by listening to it
even once, the knowledge of Brahman takes
place." (1) punaH punaH |
ahamevaahamavyayaH ||  2 ||

  "I am asa.nga, unattached, I am asa.nga,
I am asa.nga, again and again (always).
I am of the nature of saT, chit, and aananda.
I am alone That.  I am imperishable." (2)

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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