Advaita and KevalAdvaita

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---Ram Chandran <chandran at TIDALWAVE.NET> wrote:
> Greetings Vivek:
> On behalf of the members of the list, let me welcome you from the
bottom of our hearts.

   Thank you very much for your warm welcome.  I feel honored to be
amongst the followers of advaita.

   I gathered the following from the posting of Shree Ram Chandran :

a) Kevaladvaita is another name for the philosophy of advaita as
expounded by Adi Shankara.

> The philosophy of kevaladvaita is exclusive monism and the followers
are called Mayavadis.

> Mayavadi sannyasis accept that the commentary by Sri Sankacarya
known as Sarirakabhasya gives the real meaning of Vedanta-sutra.

  So, if kevalAdvaita is indeed the school of Sri Shankaracharya then,
what is the exact meaning of the word "Kevaladvaita"?

b) What I meant by "VishhuddhAdvaita" is in fact Shuddha-Advaita of
Sri Vallabha.

>  I haven't come across the term, "VishhuddhAdvaita." It is possible
> it is misspelled then it is Vishistadvaita.

  I remember reading "VishhuddhAdvaita" as the school of Sri
Vallabhacharya in an introductory book of Indian Philosophy.  I
apologize if I have caused any confusion.
  The reason I referred to this school is to know if
Shankara referred to his philosophy as "Kevaladvaita" or is it a
post-shankaran nomenclature introduced to distinguish shankaran
philosophy from other kinds of "advaita" vedanta?

Thanks again, Sir, for your Greetings.

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