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Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 25 11:31:57 CST 1998

 Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

>5, As Anand pointed out, in other schools of philosophy, it may be
>acceptable and may be necessary to consider oneself to be an ajnAni.
>in advaita, why consider oneself to be ajnAni perpetually ?
I did write about this question in my last message. To reiterate
what I wrote, advaita does not require anyone to consider himself/
 herself as an ajnaani perpetually. All it says is recognize
 that ego, body, etc. are the binding forces keeping us in bondage
 and make an attempt to free oneself. This is a far cry from
 asking us to consider ourselves to be ajnaani's for ever. As I said,
 I did write about this yesterday.

>It is not
>convincing to me at all.

Please see what I said in my last message and also above.

> I see the difficulty with the ego claiming the
>prize. However, there would be a stage in the spiritual evolution of
>vedanta student where the ego is kept in check  and the thought or
>"I am ajnAni" can safely be thrown out for good.

 Agreed. But that stage will not be reached by the outright
 denial of ajnaana even before one has had a chance to keep the
 ego, the senses under control.


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