Garland of Sacred Knowledge, Pt. 9

Sun Mar 29 18:26:28 CST 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  Here are shloka(s) seventeen and eighteen
of Continuous Garland of Sacred Knowledge:

  dR^igdR^ishyau dvau padaarthau staH
parasparavilakShaNau |
  dR^igbrahma dR^ishyaM maayeti
sarvavedaantaDiNDimaH || 17 ||

  "Seer and seen (subject and object), the
meanings of the two words are distinct from
one another. The One Who is seeing is
Brahman (subject) and the object is Maayaa.
This is the declaration of the complete
knowledge of all of the Vedas." (17)

  ahaM saakShiiti yo vidyaat.h
vivichyaivaM punaH punaH |
  sa eva muktaH san vidvaan.h
iti vedaantaDiNDimaH || 18 ||

  "There exists One saying (to One's Self),
' I witness ', by discriminating again and
again. In this manner, that One is spiritually
wise. That One is free (from worldly existence).
This is the declaration of the complete
knowledge of the Veda (at the end of the
Veda = the UpaniShads)." (18)

Note: Vedaanta means "teaching of the ultimate
scope of the Veda, or simply as the UpaniShads,
which come at the end of the Veda".

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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