Bouddha Encounter

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Mon Mar 30 21:44:41 CST 1998

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> And Jaladhar, if you can condemn Radhakrishnan as not being eligible to
> present a correct picture of Buddha's teachings as he's not a Bouddha,
> neither should you be so forthcoming!:-)

You're right and that's why I wasn't.  :-)  I was merely pointing out what
the Bhikshu said.  Presumably he knows his own religion?  And my other
sources of information on the subject are the Buddhist thinkers and their
Astika adverseries (mostly the latter.)  If I have reason to doubt all
these people why should I arbitrarly decide a person called Shakyamuni
ever existed in the first place?  I have just as many reasons to doubt

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