Pt. 11, Garland of Sacred Knowledge

Tue Mar 31 07:27:01 CST 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  Here is the final shloka, twenty-one, of
Continuous Garland of Sacred Knowledge:

pratyagjyotiH paraatparaH |
  jyotirjyotiH svaya~njyotiH
aatmajyotiH shivo.asmyaham.h || 21 ||

  "I am illuminated by the light that is
the Divine Source of intelligence (the
highest light of truth, the light of
freedom or bliss), the light that comes
to One's Self that is the Supreme Being
(the One who is beyond the cause),
the light of (all) lights, the light
of One's Self, the light received from
One's Self (the light of the Supreme
Spirit), I am the Auspicious One !" (21)

  Further comments: The commentary of
R^igVeda, maNDala 6, anuvaaka 1, suuktam.h
9, mantraM 5, states:

  "According to the Vedaantin view of the
text, the light is Brahman, seated spon-
taneously in the heart as the means of
true knowledge, to which all the senses,
together with the mind and consciousness,
refer, as to the one cause of creation,
or paramaatmaa, Supreme Spirit."

  Then in mantra 6:

  vi me karNaa patayato vi chakSharvii
daM jyotirhR^idaya aahitaM yat |
  vi me maashcharati duura aadhiiH kiM
svidvakShyaami kimu nuu maniShye || 6 ||

  "My ears are turned (to hearing Him),
mine eyes (to behold Him); This light that
is placed in the heart (seeks to know Him);
My mind, the receptacle of distant (objects /
whose thoughts are far away) hastens (towards
Him); What shall I declare Him? How shall I
comprehend Him?" (6)

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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by Vaaman Shivram Apte
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