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Subject: Interest in Advaitam...

Dear Mr. Ravi,

Namaste !

I had applied for enlisting in the Mailing List recently and have recd.
your mail in this regard...

About myself, I am a Tamil Brahmin (Iyer) hailing from Chennai and am
here in the USA since Oct., 1998. Prior to this , I was in UK for about
a year and before that mostly in North India. My grandparents, Esp. my
grandfather was a scholar and was involved a lot with the Kancheepuram
Mutt. I used to accompany him to the 'chaturmasya pujas'
sometimes.Unfortunately I was too young and immature to gain a lot from
him during his lifetime...:-(  I now repent not having learnt Sanskrit
completely under his able guidance which would've enabled me to read the
scriptures and Shlokas. As it is never too late to begin, I want to make
up for the lost time and enroll in your mailing list and gain
intellectually & spiritually !

I am a follower of Advaitam and am interested in getting the correct
meaning of Shri Shankara's Govindaashtakam , Bhaja Govindam
and his great shishyas like Thotakaashtakam and others. I would be
extremely thankful if you could guide me in this respect . Also could
you name any websites where I could possibly improve my Sanskrit
knowledge ?

Awaiting your early response and thanking you in anticipation of your
kidly help,

Vijaya M
11:00 AM

I have noted your policies and agree to abide by them.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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