When Lord Yama knocks one's door!

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Mon Jan 11 10:31:22 CST 1999

Sri Raviji wrote :

Spiritual application of bhaja govindam is many. For that matter
any spiritual text, there could be different levels of reading.
To me corollaries of the first verse has helped in many ways.
For instance, the question "Will it help at the time of death?"
can be restated to cultivate shraddha. This morning when my mind
was wandering during gAyatri japam? I paused for a moment and
asked myself. What if God says Ravi you will have chance for only
one more gAyatri to say and after that your life will come to an
end.  How much more shraddha I will have in saying that last
gAyatrI? Should I not say every gAyatrI as if it is the last one
I will ever utter? That thought stopped the stream of other
thoughts. Attention given to say the mantra be it is first time
or nth time or the last time has to be full and complete. Yet to
due to bad vAsana-s my mind wanders.

That is why I ask shrIman nArAyaNa (who is not different from my
mother nArAyaNI who is called by sahasranAmam as padmanAbha
sahodari and by trishatI as hari sodarI), make me pure so that I
will ever remember HIM. May HE make this charcoal into to a
diamond by giving me inner purity and make me reflect HIS light
to the fullest glory.

Thinking of it, charcoal and diamond are both carbon, the vasthu
with which it is made is same. Like the scoundrel and saint, both
have brahman as substratum. But once the inner structure changes
miracle happens. Of course the change comes by the pressure for
charcoal, and intense sAdhana for the ignorant. May Lord hari
have marcy on ignorant like me.

I am not sure if I am able to fathom the depth of your dedication Raviji,
but I do have a question/comment. If an action is performed by being
cognizant of one's body (which surely is destructible) and the fact that it
might be destroyed, say, tomorrow, I am not sure how significant that
action would be as compared to action being performed in the light of
knowledge that I am immortal. By attaching fear and/or anticipation to
one's action, is one not looking out for the result ? Then what happens to
detached action ? How is one to be identified with the indestructible ONE
in this case ?

Pardon me if I have misinterpreted your intent.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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