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namaste Vaidya

Thanks for the nice post. There are many beautiful mantra-s in
sandhya vandanam (at least in the case of smArta-s) which show
the all encompassing attitude. For instance, the verse in the end
of sUryanArAyaNa vandanam.

AkAshat.h patitaM toyaM yathA gachchhati sAgaram.h |
sarva deva namaskAraH keshavaM prati gachchhati ||

Which means, The water particles falling from the sky ultimately
reach the ocean. Likewise, the worship done to all deities
ultimate reach keshava (Supreme Being).

In addition, worshipping the supreme in the form of harihara
(R^itaguM satyaM ...) amplfies that attitude. Unlike shaivites
and vaishanavites, there is no scope for conflict for smArta-s
who follow the advaita tradition. Whatever name and form in which
the devotee chooses to worship the supreme being, HE will bless
the devotee and guide him in that name and form, for God is the
indweller of all beings (vAsanAt vAsudevasya vAsitaM bhuvatrayaM
sarva bhUta nivAso.asi vAsudeva namostute).


namo naaraayaNaa

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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