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   I read in an article about the "three" states of consciousness -
waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Now where does the state of "Samadhi"
fit into all this ? Most importantly what exactly is "Samadhi" & how do
you realise it ??

   The reason I want this issue to be clarified is because I read in the
same article that "a saint is said to have reached the state of Samadhi,
when he becomes aware of the Atman residing within everyone and also
realizes this reality at all time, having no desires or ego". If this is
the case then why do we say that the saints like Shri Shankara, Shri
Ramana etc. attained Samadhi only when their soul became one with the
God ?? They realised the point mentioned above long before they attained

Your response is greatly appreciated.


Harsha: The subject of Samadhi is widely discussed in yogic and meditative
literature in virtually all major spiritual traditions.  Although it is a
topic of practical importance, it is complex and inaccessible to many as it
requires first hand experience and direct knowledge. There are many
different types of Samadhis and Sri Shankra has mentioned some of the major
ones in his works.  Ramana Maharshi in various conversations usually focused
on only the two highest Samadhis (Kevala Nirvikalpa and Sahaj Nirvikalpa).
Evidently he felt that on the Jnana path, it was not useful to extensively
discuss states other than the Self. His clarification between Kevala
Nirvikalpa  and Sahaj Nirvikalpa is authoritative and worth reading and
reflecting over.  Ramana Maharshi stated that to the Jivanmukta, who is in
the Sahaj state, death of the body can make no difference. From the point of
view of others, it is said that the person has attained "Mahasamadhi."

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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