shrI lalitA trishatI bhAShyam.h

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Tue Jun 1 12:04:30 CDT 1999

Dear Members,

As you may have noticed, the last two names of trishatI was
posted with original sanksrit and my translation, not
relying on Dr. Chaganti Murthy's work. After I seeing the
copyright postings, I realized my using his translation will
not come under a fair use. Even though my intentions were
good, I should not continue that any further.

Hence, I am discontinuing the old series (reached upto 170
names) and I am planning to start it all over again, this
time with original text of shankara and my translation
(except occasional references to Dr. Murthy's work).   I
will begin the new series today. This will include also a
both pUrva and uttara of the trishatI with the original

BTW, you can see the trishatI on WWW with my one-line
meanings based on shankara bhAShya (completed upto 160
names) at

I will post the new series at an average rate of 1 post per

May my mind contemplate on the lotus feet of shrImAtA and
may She guide me in whatever I do.

Thank you.

With respects,


AUM shrImAtre namaH

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