beginningless avidyA and transmigration

Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Fri Jun 4 15:31:50 CDT 1999

 Thanks for giving me your feedback. I understand that there are many more
philosophical concepts in advaita, like jIva, what it means with respect
to brahman, vyAvahArika and paramArtha level of truth, etc., which I am
only now beginning to explore.  So hope you'll excuse my half-baked
"conclusions" (which aren't really conclusions since I am still learning)
and point out where I am wrong.
        But I'd like to comment on some things you have said about the
Buddha and Buddhism, which seem to contradict what I have read. I'll write
these in a private e-mail to you since they do not concern Advaita.


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