shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam.h - 2

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pAshAN^kushekShusumarAjita pa~nchashAkAM
pATalyashAlisushhumA.nchitagAtravallIm.h |
prAchinavakstutapadAM paradevatAM tvaM
pa~nchAyudhArchitapadAM praNamAmi devIm.h || 2 ||

In a split form

pAsha aN^kusha ikShu sumaH ajita pa~ncha shAkAM
pATalya shAli sushhuma a.nchita gAtra vallIm.h |
prAchina vak.h stuta padAM paradevatAM tvaM
pa~ncha Ayudha archita padAM praNamAmi devIm.h || 2 ||

I bow to paradevatA shrI lalitAmbikA, who sports a noose
(pAsha), goad (aN^kusha), bow made of sugarcane (ikShu
kodaNDa), and five invincible flower branches; whose
form is like a beautiful creeper with red radiance like the
pATala flower; whose feet is praised by vedas; and who
is worshipped by manmatha.


1) In this context, readers are requested to refer to the
sahasranAmam which poetically describes the significance of
these weapons as rAga svarUpa pAshADhya,
krodhAN^karakushojjvalA, manorupekShukodaNda, and
panchatanmAtrasAyakA. Commentary on these names will run to
few pages, so I am skipping them here.

2) veda-s are denoted by the term prAchina (ancient) vAk.h
(words).  In this context, many names in the sahasranAma
indicate the connection. ambAL is called vedA vedyA, that is
She is known through veda-s. She is veda jananI, mother of
veda-s. The name shrutiH indicates She is not different from
it. She is sarva vedAnta saMvedya, that is, She is known
through upaniShad-s. She is ChandaH sara, essence of all
veda-s. She is also known as trayI (which mean veda-s) and
She is celebrated and praised by upaniShad-s as brahman (
sarvopanishhad.h udghushhTA).

3) manmatha is denoted by the term pa~nchAyudha, because his
weapons are five arrows. These five arrows indicate five
senses. manmatha is such a clever warrior, who uses the five
senses of his enemy (sense inclined man) to defeat him. A
wise man, however, who has his senses under his control, can
defeat manmatha quite easily. manmAtha in one of foremost
devotees of ambaL, the reading of pa~nchadashAkSharI due to
him  is still extant.

4) The radiant red color of ambaaL is indicated in many
places. For instance, the name aruNaa, udyad.hbhAnu
sahasrAbha, and tarunAditya pATala indicate this. pAtAla is
is pale red trumpet flower (Jaguar online dictionary gives
the meaning as rose).


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