vishNu sahasranAma

Savithri Devaraj sdevaraj at EXPLORER.CSC.COM
Tue Jun 8 01:25:46 CDT 1999


I have benefitted immensely from this list for a long time, so when Sri
asked if someone could take up the vishNu sahasranAma a couple of weeks
i felt compelled to do it.  It is my humblest and most meagre
contribution as i
will be posting the names from Translation of Sri Sankara's commentary
Swami Tapasyananda of RK Mutt.
I shall be posting about once a week.I am new to  the transliteration
so please bear with my mistakes. I do not have anything original to say
except that
it gives me great peace of mind in chanting it.  Chanting the Lord's
name can be
done by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Many saints and sages have
said that it
is the easiest way for God-realization.


 Meditation on vishNu

Om SuklAm baradharam vishNum SasivarNam. caturbhujam
prasanna vadanam. dhyayet sarva vighnopa SAntayet

For the eradication of all obstructions, I meditate on vishNu who is
wearing white cloth, who is the color of the moon, who has four arms
and who has placid expression on his face.


>From Translation and commentary of Sri SankarAcArya. Translated by Swami


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