viShNu SahasranAma

Savithri Devaraj sdevaraj at EXPLORER.CSC.COM
Mon Jun 14 22:27:48 CDT 1999


SAntAkAraM bhujagaSayanaM padmanAbhaM sureSaM
viSvAdhAraM gaganasadRSaM meghavarNaM Subhangam
lakshmikAntaM kamalanayananaM yogibhir dhyanagamyaM
vande vishNuM bhavabhayaharaM sarvalokaikanAthaM

I salute vishNu, the sole master of the universe, whose presence is very
peaceful, who stretches Himself on a serpent-bed, who sports a lotus in
His navel, who is the one lord of all the Devas, who is the support of
the worlds, who is subtle and all-pervading like the sky, whose
complexion is like that of the clouds, whose form is very beautiful, who
is the consort of Sri, whose eyes are like lotus petals, who is
meditated upon by Yogis and who eradicates the fear of samsara.

>From the Translation and commentary of Sri Sankaracharya, translated by
Swami Tapasyananda.


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