Questions for those familiar with Tamil History

Ravi miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 16 18:21:35 CDT 1999


This list is indeed very fortunate to have Vidyasankar and Anand. I
thank them both sincerely with immense gratitude for educating many
like me. I hope God will bless this world with many such knowledgeable
Vidyasankars and Anands.

I believe that one will be better off approaching advaita-vedanta from
the side of dvaita and vishiShTaadvaita rather than from buddhism. It
may be quite disconcerting to face their offense especially for guys
like me who does not have a sound theoretical background. But I think I
approaching from that side is quite fruitful. This way we will be
closer in our discussions to the traditions of sanAtana dharma. My 2
cents. Please feel free to tear it apart ;-)

Thanks again.


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