ADVAITA-L Digest - 15 Jun 1999 to 16 Jun 1999 (#1999-54)

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 17 19:27:49 CDT 1999

>Here is something that I read in HH Sri Chandrasekarendra Sarasvathi's
>discourses.  He says Sruti indeed is the breath of brahman and it
>certainly makes sense.  So they should have come into being, if we can
>use that word, simultaneously.  In that case both brahman and Sruti are
>existing since time immemorial, or should I say they transcend time.  I
>will get that portion of his discourse transliterated and post it soon.

What Swamigal is doing here is quoting from the bRhadAraNyaka upanishad,
which says that everything is breathed out of Brahman. Along with the Sruti,
what is breathed out of Brahman includes a whole lot of other things that
make up the perceptible universe. We cannot conclude that all that is said
to be breathed out of Brahman is eternal.


ps. Someone asked me about the usage of "Swamigal" by south Indians.  The
suffix -gaL in Tamil (-gaLu in Kannada) is analogous to -jI in Hindi, a
means of showing respect.

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