mahendra varma pallava

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namaste Anand

In the book Acharya Calls, shrI shrI chandrasekharendra sarasvatI
svAmigaL quotes from mattavilAsa prahAsana of mahendra varma pallava in
the context of why buddhism  declined.

svAmiji says that a religion falls or rises based on how sincerely its
adherents follow the original precepts of the religion. From
mattavilAsa, one sees that many buddhists monks of that time gave into
bad things like licentiousness etc. Here he points out the inherent
danger in a monastic order which admits both men and women. Fall of
buddhism is due its own shortcomings and lack of true followers.

I am not completely correct on my remarks about converts. More
importantly one has to see what is being said that who says it.

AUM shrImatre namaH


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