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Anand V. Hudli <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>  religion. He goes on to point out that the Buddhist decline was
>  by the mImAsakas and the naiyAyika-tArkikas (the logicians), not
>  advaitins. In support of this, he mentions that Shankara's
criticism of
>  Buddhism is significantly less than his criticisms of mImAmsakas,
and the

The western scholars also agree that bhagavAn kumArila bhaTTas
critique of the Buddhist philosophers is much more extensive than
sha.nkara and that of Ramanuja and Madhva is much less extensive than
bhagAvan sha.nkara's critique. I guess that would also point to the
waning Buddhist influence.

BTW, have you read R.D.Karmarkars book on the gauDapAda kArika-s? He
has discussed the issue of BUddhist influence on vedAnta and
vice-versa. It was published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research
Institute in 1953. There are many details there which you might find
interesting. He traces many of the concepts Gaudapada uses to the
respective Vedic sources. I have my own doubts about some conclusions
he draws about certain things like sha.nkara's commentary on the
kArika-s, but overall it's worth reading. If you can't get hold of it,
let me know.


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