New member Introduction: Sri: Subramanian

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Mon Jun 21 16:12:20 CDT 1999

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Namaste. Thank you for including me in your list.

I am a musician by profession, a Carnatic musician, a Vina player. I have
dabbled with philosophies. But I have a firm conviction in Advaita. Quite
naturally I see that it is this philosophy that governs my thoughts and actions.
I look at life only this way and nothing else. No one in the world can shatter
my conviction in this. I do not know whether I understand it correctly. But I
did not worry about it. I do not know Sanskrit. But I can read Devanagari. I am
joining this group not for any contribution in scholarly discussions. I also
have no time for anything but my music. I just want to be going through the
discussions in this philosophy as a source of energy for my thoughts. If it is
within my comprehension it is alright. I may participate even by asking many
silly questions out of ignorance. You should not mind it. I hope this
introduction is enough for now.


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