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Sankar Khrish kssubramanian at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 23 11:03:41 CDT 1999

>   The second point that advaita shares tenets from
> Buddhism is also
>   flawed. The _only_ point that advaita and Buddhism
> seem to share in
>   common is the illusory nature of the world, the
> jagan-mithyAtva
>   aspect. But even here, if one cares to look
> deeper, the illusion
>   theory of Buddhism is different from that of
> advaita. In advaita,
>   the worldly illusion is explained as
> "anirvachanIya", an indeterminable
>   entity which can neither be classified as real nor
> unreal. Further,

Correct me if I am wrong, but I had the impression that brahman is
anirvachanIya.  Per upanishads,  that one which the mind cannot grasp
and the words cannot describe, that is the brahman.
This world as we see is a vyavahArika sathyam whereas the anirvachanIya
brahman is the paramArthika sathyam and this is the bone of contention
between buddhism and advaita.


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