Advaita and Buddhism

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 27 01:07:40 CDT 1999

>I admit that I’m following the interpretation of TRV Murti and V
>Bhattacharya with regard to the Madhyamaka. Ofcourse, as you point out,
>claiming that reality is absolute would ultimately be classified as a
>and thus make NAgArjuna shy away from it.

See Paul Williams's "Mahayana Buddhism: The doctrinal foundations" in the
Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices Series published by Routledge.
It's an almost impossible achievement by the author, to have presented a
vast subject in just about 300 pages, and yet to have succeeded in being
almost encyclopedic in his coverage. There is no discussion of
upanishadic/vedAntic influence, but one can get a very good idea of the
original source material of the Mahayana.


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