Missing posts in digest format

Charles Wikner WIKNER at NACDH4.NAC.AC.ZA
Mon Jun 28 03:09:51 CDT 1999

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999 Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:

> >Some posts are not appearing in the digest distribution.
> Was the following one present?
> Re: mahendra varma pallava (43 lines)
>     From: Ravi <miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM>

Yes, that was in the digest of 17-18 June.

> The common thing about all the missing posts that you listed is the posting
> date - Friday, June 18. The above was also posted on the same day.

In that digest there were also three posts from
Ashish Chandra <achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM>
dated Sat, 17 Jul 1999 -- note the month: JULY !!!

If the listserver program looks at the date of the
posts, it might get confused -- clue or spurious?

Regards, Charles.

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