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On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> I thought Pushti Marg was founded by Sri Vallabhacharya of the Shuddh
> Advaita school. Is this incorrect ?

No, that's correct although the Pushti Margis claim that it is the
continuation of the Agni Sampradaya, one of the four main Vaishnava
sampradayas, the others being Brahma (Madhva), Shri (Ramanuja) and
Sanatkumara (Nimbarka).  But apart from a stotra written by a person
called Bilvamangala who was supposed to have been an earlier acharya of
the sampradaya, the works of Vallaabha and his son Vitthala are the
earliest available works.

>They are also Advaitins then, but not
> in the Shankara mould.

Isn't that a bit like saying an atheist is a theist in a different mould?
:-)  The reason Vallabha called his philosophy Shuddha ("pure" or
"corrected") Advaita is that he felt that Shankaracharyas' philosophy was
tainted by the concept of Maya.  He denies the Mayavada and thus comes to
radically different conclusions in both theory and practice.  If you
search the list archives, you should be able to find an post I wrote which
outlines some of these differences.

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