Snake in the rope

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Ashish, I am just being objective and do not mean any offence.

>I was following the discussion on Maya and Snake in the rope with a lot
of interest and quipped in with one or two >of my own foolish
observations.However, I am beginning to think that none of us really
knows what Mayaactually >is : at best, we are attempting to
understand/quantify it usingfamiliar objects and writings of Advaita

When you^Òre not aware of the true meaning of mAyA, how can you judge
whether others understand it or not?

> Please correct me if I amwrong in presuming that all this is Maya only
when one KNOWS that this isMaya. Up till >then, the label of Satyam
Jagat of Madhva would probablyhold. Without realizing one's oneness with
Brahman, >how is it that we canclaim that all this is Maya. This is very
real for us, is it not ? Realizedsouls are probably the >only ones who
could claim the non-existence of all*this*.

As mentioned before you^Òre in no position to judge.

In the past couple of weeks, I^Òve seen mAyA throughly explained, but
still you and Jay aren^Òt clear about it.
The reason is that the development of the mind and inner realization of
one cannot be comprehended by another. What is obvious to one is full of
mystery and confusion to another. So be patient and learn.

>We must remember that Swami Vivekananda had attempted to find out from
ahost of men and preachers as to >whether they had seen God. It was only
inRamakrishna Paramhansa, the epitome of a Guru, that he found his
>answer. Doany of us know such a Guru in this day and age?

There are lot of people here on this list who are very knowledgeable. At
our level we don^Òt need ShankarAcharya to teach us VedAnta. First let us
climb to the level which Shankara demands of us to learn Advaitam. At
that stage you don^Òt need to look for a jeevanmuktha, he^Òll find you!

For this  you must supplement your study of VedAnta with sadhana too.
Without that, ^Ñunderstanding^Ò will be very difficult and ultimately

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