Snake in the rope

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>Harsha: Yes. But surely no effort to understand is ever wasted.

Ofcourse not. But again if there's to be real progress, there should be
a sincere effort at Self Knowledge.

>Sri Jaldharji has had a chance to explain to the benefit of many

I don't agree with Jaladhar that the absolute is something to be
"known", as one knows empirical objects. It's nothing but YOU in the
truest sense. Ofcourse, if what Jaladhar means is intuitive knowledge of
oneself, I concur. And this knowledge cannot be obtained from any book,
but only by personal experience.
As the Rg Veda says : "Searching within their hearts the Seers found the
bond of being in non-being."

>Is it not holding on to the awareness that the Ocean of compassion
>sits in One's Own Heart and is One's Own Self as Pure Awareness of

When you point to the heart, you're identifying with the body. The Self
is the true Self of the Selves. The identification with the heart is a
stage, which will be passed, but not an end in itself.

>Anything that allows the mind to be quiet and content is Sadhana.

That's a very generic statement J

>In my understanding, Jaldharji has explained (through the analogy of
snake and the
>rope) that when the Self is Realized, the false cognition that the
world is
>different from the Self vanishes. There is only the Self. Therefore
there is
>no attainment outside of one's own Self.

Yes, but this has to be actually experienced.

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