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Namaste and pranams to all

The introduction of another example by Raviji to explain maya is

The last points made on this thread were:

(1) Suppose we agree that all these examples are pointers only.
(2) The question then is to examine to what extent do they fit?
(3) Can one example be better than others? Are there better examples
available from prophets of later years?
We had very good responses on this from Vidyaji who said he has learnt a lot
from the thread, and we should take this to its logical conclusion.
We also had good responses from Sri Raghvendraji and Sri Giridharaji that
analogy cannot be taken too far. One member said 'analogy is analogy'?
Surely there are levels of fit with all analogies and we need to examine
this further. One member said this going backward and forward seems
tiresome. Well either one is 'established in advaita' then this 'manana' is
pointless or one wishes to examine this further. The undersigned will
develop this and the thread of Samkhya and Advaita (to its logical
conclusion) if there is genuine interest for it by other members.

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"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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