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Thu Mar 11 21:54:23 CST 1999

Thank you Giridhar and all who responded to my inquiry.

>If one surrenders oneself there will be no one to ask questions or to be
thought of. Either the thoughts are eliminated by holding on to the root
thought 'I' or one surrenders oneself unconditionally to the Higher power.
These are the only two ways for Realisation.">.

Who is that "one" that surrenders.   Is it not the mind?
Mind has to initiate the question "Who am I"?  Finally surrender to Shakti.

You are right. The answer is in Advaita.   My question is why it is secretive.
I believe there is  way.    Some believe a Guru can teach.  Well if the Guru
knows then there is nobody to teach.  Is it not the truth.

There has to be a way Mind finds Advaita attractive than material wealth.

I appreciate all the responses but I am not convinced.

I think the secret is in the 3 Gunas Sattva-Raja and Tamo Gunas.   Perhaps if
I keep thinking about it, using my mind when Sattva dominates I will find the
answer.  If I do I would not keep it secret - If I am alive I will reveal it
to this world.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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