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Namaste and pranams to all

(1)Sri Raviji has given another example of maya through elephant and wood.
Sri Vaidyaji gave example of son of barren woman.
Earlier we talked at length about snake and rope.
If we suppose all these are analogies. Then the question arises can there be a better analogy with a prophet nearer to our time?

(2)It is nice to have Sri Giridharji back on the list he says:

"Nanda and Jaladhar has replied to
Samkhya and Vedanta thread quite thoroughly and I do not want to
incur the sin of reviving the thread just to express my opinion :-) "

Respectuflly we point out that he has already expressed his opinion we just wanted clarification.
One of the clarification we wanted was when he said:

Shankara "almost" explains everything there is about adviata.

The question is what is "almost" -and what is left out.
The question is important it goes to the heart of the matter.
To what extent does any prophet "explain" the subject "advaita"?
Let us examine in detail the relationship between the teaching of any prophet and "advaita"? 

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