Ramakrishna and Vivekananda

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Sat Mar 13 13:54:24 CST 1999

But you are such an authority that I should accept all these
statements? So all the pundits in Varanasi followed him like a dog,
did they? Did they go back or lie in a kennel en masee outside
Vivekanandas home? I suggest that you go an verify this story with
someone in Varanasi. I would bet an even $100 that the pundits will
have a good laugh on hearing this.

AC :

        So its comes down to name calling huh. While you are laughing with the
Pundits, you should also ask them what all happened when Vivekananda hit
India's shores. Did or did not he receive ovations from one and all. So
laugh on. And why just bet $100, bet it all. Maya, Prakriti, who cares, its
only money. And have you verified the opposite with people of Varanasi ? If
not, then why are you asking me to verify ? Might it be your presumption
that you are right and I am wrong ?


And pray what has this do with mAyA? Everyone knows a guru is
important. What I said was simple: just because Vivekananda accepted
Ramakrishna as a guru doesn't mean Ramakrishna was an advaitin. Many
of Ramakrishna's statements are irreconcilable with advaita. Kindly
learn to follow a thread before replying.  Of course for a person
(namely your kind self) who thinks prakR^iti is composed of a
substrate of purushha-s, Ramakrishna could certainly be called an

AC :

        Go read the relevant message and then come and post. You did not follow
the thread first of all and are asking me to follow it. Wow, some nerve you
must have. Why don't you learn what it is to read and UNDERSTAND first and
then start the name calling. If I err in what Prakriti is, it is only
because I was trying to learn. I wasn't pontificating like some idiot in an
ivory tower.

And are you going to have a problem if I consider Shankaracharya as a
prophet. How can anyone have an objection to that. But what I have an
objection to is your endeavor to tightly bracket who can be called an
Advaitin and who cannot. And what do you talk of Ramakrishhna Paramhansa.
Why don't you make an effort to learn from his life rather than find out
whether or not he was an Advaitin. Would it make an iota of difference
whether or not he was and Advaitin or that I consider him so,  or whether
or not Shankaracharya is considered a prophet ?

Man, I can only say, as I believe it was said right here, as Sri Ramana
Mahrishi used to say : kandavar vindilar, vindavar kandilar (in Tamil). The
translation is, those who have seen have not spoken, and those who speak
have not seen. Figure out where we all are and stuff it.


p.s. I have much enjoyed your posts on Indology vis-a-vis Shrisha Rao and
your attacks on Madhvacharya.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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